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  • Flexible

    We're flexible, we don't insist on fixed arrival or departure days.

  • Chalet Epicea B&B

    We own the B&B here in Leysin & it's rated as excellent on review sites.

  • Local Leader

    All trips led by qualified International Mountain Leaders.

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  • Buying snowshoes, update November 2014


    A while back I published a some thoughts about buying snowshoes and what to look out for. We’ve about 15 pairs of various sorts that we use for groups and a couple of pairs I use myself for work and recreation so we get to see a few models and meet a few different people […]

  • Pierre du Moëllé, Snowshoeing


    These are from last week but I’ve been busy and not had chance to post them, there was some good snow at the top but some warmer weather has melted that. It’s all a bit too early to worry about snow but I see that’s not stopped PeanutSki (pay peanuts, get that kind of reporting) […]

  • Tour de Famelon, Leysin – Snowshoeing


    It certainly feels like winter is here now although the snow has melted around the chalet. Up the mountain it’s beginning to accumulate and it’s cold enough that, apart from sunny south slopes, it’s not melting too much. I decided to take advantage of the great weather and climb the Tour de Famelon, one of […]


Five alternative things to do on the slopes featuring snowshoeing with SwissMountainLeader